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PCard Policy
(Last Revised September 2013)

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Application & Memorandum of Agreement

Card Pick-up Authorization Form

Tracking Log

Maintenance Form

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Staff and Contacts

2008 Blankenship Hall
901 Woody Hayes Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43210-4016
Phone (614) 292-9290
Fax (614) 247-7121
8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday

For all PCard questions, call: (614) 292-9290
Send an email to PCard:  PCard @ osu.edu

Jake Weber
PCard Associate
(614) 292-9019
Weber.563 @ osu.edu

  • PCard Policy
  • Account maintenance and reallocation
  • PCard Reports

Jane Marlow
PCard Associate
(614) 292-4186
marlow.2 @ osu.edu

  • PCard Policy
  • Account maintenance

Sue Wickliffe
PCard Associate
(614) 247-8217
wickliffe.1 @ osu.edu

  • Account maintenance and reallocation
  • PCard reports

Marie Peterson
PCard Manager
(614) 292-9425
peterson.265 @ osu.edu

  • Direction and supervision of PCard program and staff
  • Policy and exception review

PNC Bank Customer Service
(800) 685-4039

  • Account Inquiries (must provide 4-digit code)

Mission Statement

The PCard program provides a convenient and efficient method to procure business related expenses in the most timely and efficient means possible in order to foster and support the missions of The Ohio State University. The PCard Program Office is committed to excellence by providing system, policy and training support through outstanding customer service.