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Welcome to the home page of the Office of the Controller.

Our mission is to provide superior financial services for the university community.

The functions of the office are:

  • Issuing the University's annual financial report
  • Providing internal management reports for the colleges and departments
  • Maintaining the General Ledger
  • Administering the fund accounting and financial reporting functions for the Long-Term Investment Pool
  • Managing the University's equipment inventory
  • Training university staff in fiscal policies and procedures
  • Monitoring the University's tax compliance
  • Providing fiscal analysis in support of the University's facilities and administrative cost rates for research
  • Performing all accounts payable and expediting functions for the central University
  • Issuing and maintaining PCard accounts
  • Providing travel system and policy support
  • Performing all payroll functions for the University

The Office of the Controller is an academic support unit of the Office of Business and Finance at The Ohio State University.