Direct Deposit

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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the process by which the university deposits your paycheck directly into your checking or savings account. There are several benefits to direct deposit:

  • Direct Deposit is safe because your pay is automatically deposited into your account on pay day - no worrying about lost or stolen checks.
  • Direct Deposit is fast because your check is instantly deposited into your account and available on pay day - no standing in long bank lines or waiting for your check to clear.
  • Direct Deposit is simple because your pay is deposited into your checking or savings account on time, correctly and confidentially.
Enroll/Change/Cancel Direct Deposit

You may enroll in or make changes to your direct deposit by logging into Employee Self Service and selecting the Direct Deposit option. Make sure you have your bank account number(s) and corresponding routing number(s) ready.

Your funds should be directly deposited into your requested account(s) within 1-2 pay periods. An email notification will be sent to your account or your Med Center account regarding the change to your account.

Pay Cards

A pay card can be used as an alternative to traditional direct deposit for individuals without pre-existing bank accounts. By electing to use the pay card, you receive your net pay in a secure account that is set up and maintained by JPMorgan Chase. This account is linked to the pay card, and can be used like a debit or credit card.

For more information on how the Chase Payroll Card works, please refer to the pay card brochure, security fact sheet, the information below, or contact Chase Customer Support at 1-888-606-7058.


Complete the Chase Payroll Card Application submit it the Office of Controller, Payroll Services, by mail or fax. After processing the application, you should receive your pay card within 10 business days. Be sure to follow the activation instructions printed on the sticker that comes with the card. Your card will look something like this:

Chase Payroll Card Image


As a pay card user, you are eligible for one (1) free transaction per payroll cycle. This free transaction can be a Chase teller or automatic teller machine (ATM) transaction. You may also use the Chase Payroll Card at point of sale (POS) locations such as department stores, grocery stores, and gas stations at no charge. For a complete list of possible fees, refer to the Chase Payroll Card Application.

Where You Can Use Your Card

Although the Chase Payroll Card is not a credit card, transactions may be processed like a credit card. Chase Payroll MasterCard or Visa debit cards can be used to make purchases at merchants displaying the MasterCard or Visa logos.

MasterCard logo Visa logo

Chase Payroll debit cards can also be used to make ATM withdrawals at ATMs displaying any one of the following logos:

Cirrus NYCE Pulse

Look for the following logos for ATMs that are surcharge free:

Chase Allpoint