Online Courses

PCard Training

  • PCard 1: PCard Use

    This course provides an overview of the proper use of the PCard and the specific responsibilities of the Card Manager and Cardholder. After completing this course, participants will be able to identify the applicable procurement method for purchasing goods and services on behalf of the university, understand the established limitations and restrictions associated with using the PCard, and maintain the appropriate transaction documentation to support the business need of the purchase.
  • PCard 2: PCard Administration

    This course outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Service Centers, Reallocators and Approvers that administer PCard transaction documentation. In addition, the course offers the basic steps for reallocation and approval in the Financials system. After completing this course, participants will be able to perform system processes and attend to the operational functions necessary to document PCard transactions.
Your Role in the PCard Program
Courses PCard User Cardholder and Card Manager Reallocator* Approver*
PCard 1: PCard Use Recommended Required Required Required
PCard 2: PCard Administration Recommended Recommended Required Required
Core Courses Recommended Required Required Required
Travel Policy Training Recommended Required Required Required
Institutional Data Policy Recommended Recommended Required Required

*Reallocator and Approver roles require Financials system access, see system access instructions