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PCard Policy
(Last Revised July 2014)

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Application & Memorandum of Agreement

Card Pick-up Authorization Form

Tracking Log

Maintenance Form


Dispute Form


PCard Reports

Reconciliation Report (APU128DW)
PCard Reconciliation Report provides transaction detail for the summarized entries posted to the General Ledger (GL). The corresponding month's reallocation deadline must be used to run this report. This report will match the bank statements and can be used for end of the month GL reconciliation. Go to eReports.

Transaction Report (APU132DW)
PCard Transaction Report provides transaction detail for a specified time period. This report can be used to analyze trends (e.g. frequency of vendor use, quarterly or annual spend volumes). This report is not recommended for use at end of month GL reconciliation and bank statement matching. Go to eReports.

Organization Report (APU141DW)
PCard Organization Report provides list of active accounts for a specific organization. This report can be used to review the assigned Card Manager/ Cardholder and associated reallocators and approvers. Go to eReports.

Compliance Report (APU151DW)
PCard Compliance Report provides Financials system approval detail relative to the transactions associated with a fiscal year reporting period. This report can be used to confirm approval status in accordance with policy requirements. Go to eReports.