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(Last Revised July 2014)

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Lost, Stolen or Fraudulently Used Cards

Lost, stolen or fraudulently used cards must be reported immediately, as all charges made to your account before it is cancelled are the liability of the University.

Follow the steps referenced below:

  • Call the Bank at (800) 685-4039 immediately. In order to expedite delivery of replacement card, caller must request a "rush" delivery.
  • Notify the College/VP Area's Senior Fiscal Officer and/or Service Center.
  • Contact the PCard Office (614-292-9290).
  • If the card has been stolen or fraudulently used, call the local or campus police.
  • Advise your Financials System Reallocator/Approver and any other individuals who are maintaining new account information records.

A replacement card is generally mailed to the PCard Office within 5-7 business days (unless a "rush" delivery is requested). The PCard Office will notify the Cardholder or Card Manager and the Senior Fiscal Officer via e-mail when the card is available for pick up. Upon receipt of the "replacement" card, be sure to activate the new account.

NOTE: If spending trends vary from the normal pattern or fraudulent use by a supplier is detected or suspected by bank, the PCard account will be immediately blocked from further use. The bank will notify the PCard Office to verify the legitimacy of the transactions.