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(Last Revised July 2014)

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Transactions that are not considered legitimate or authorized by the university should be disputed with the bank. The Cardholder or Card Manager are responsible for initiating the dispute as follows:

  1. Cardholder or Card Manager must make a good faith attempt to settle the dispute directly with the supplier.
  2. If the Cardholder or Card Manager is unable to resolve the dispute with the supplier:
    1. Complete the Dispute Form (found on the back of the monthly credit card statement from the bank). To reduce risk to the university, only provide last 4 digits of card account # on Dispute Form found on the back of the monthly credit card statement from bank).
    2. Submit the Dispute Form to the bank for resolution.
    3. If the dispute is regarded as a fraudulent or unauthorized charge, the Cardholder or Card Manager must report the card as Lost/Stolen with the bank.
  3. For additional assistance, contact the PCard Office.

NOTE: The dispute notification must be received by the bank within 60 days from the date of the Bank Statement on which the disputed charge first appeared.

Send dispute documentation to:
PNC Bank
P.O. Box 2859
Kalamazoo, MI 49003-2859
Fax: (269) 973-1688
Email: billinginquiries @ pnc.com

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