Online Courses

Equipment Coordinator and Surplus Training

  • GL 8 Equipment Coordinator

    Provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform the role of Equipment Coordinator for the UNIV and OSURF Business Units in the Financials system. After completing this course, participants will be able to define capitalized and non-capitalized assets and explain the responsibilities of the Asset Management Department, Equipment Coordinators and Equipment Custodians. The process for updating assets in the Financials system is explained using animated demos.

    Requirements Equipment Coordinator
    Institutional Data Policy Required
    Core Courses Required
    GL 8 Equipment Coordinator Required
    The Procurement and Payment Process Recommended
    Managing Your Department's Capitalized Equipment Recommended
  • Surplus Property Management

    Describes the process to initiate, approve, and complete a disposal request in the Surplus Property Management System (SPMS). After completing this course, participants will be able to access and use the Disposal Request page in SPMS to enter, edit, search, and approve DRs. Details are also included for entering an asset tag number, selecting a method of delivery to the surplus warehouse, and handling the exceptions listed in the Surplus Materials Disposal Policy.

    In addition to the Financial Training Core Courses, the chart below shows the Carmen courses and online forms that are required for each role. Individuals who are new to these roles must complete the applicable training courses before a SPMS Access Request Form is submitted.

    Requirements Initiator Approver
    Institutional Data Policy Required Required
    Surplus Property Disposal Required Required
    SPMS Access Request Form Required Required
    Institutional Data Usage and Confidentiality Agreement Required Required