Expediting Reports

Match Exceptions Report (APB100OS)
Match Exceptions Report provides current match exception detail for a selected business unit based upon a specific date range. The report provides a rule description to assist users with the match exception cause. Departments can use this report to sort out POs associated with their ORG, in order to resolve an outstanding match exception. Go to eReports.

Purchase Order Report (POB101DW)
Purchase Order Report provides detail for POs associated with a selected business unit, VP/College area and department based upon search criteria. The report can assist departments with monitoring the lifecycle of POs associated with their ORG. Go to eReports.

Unpaid Voucher Report (POB113DW)
The Unpaid Voucher Report provides detail regarding unpaid invoices (vouchers) that have been entered against a PO for designated area. The report is a useful resource to verify the status of a voucher and indicate problems that may be holding the voucher from processing. Go to eReports.