Q. What employee payments are issued as a direct deposit?
A. All employee payments through Accounts Payable, including travel reimbursements, are distributed as direct deposit, provided the employee has elected direct deposit for payroll.
Q. How is this made possible?
A. Employees (including students) are automatically established as vendors in the Accounts Payable system. This means that you will no longer need to initiate a vendor file creation request for employees. In addition, you will no longer have to submit employee home address information on payment requests as this data is being provided from the Human Resources system on a nightly basis.

Please note that it will be necessary to continue submitting the Add/Change Supplier form ( to Purchasing as well as the appropriate Accounts Payable Compliance Form ( for non-employee vendors.
Q. How frequently does the Accounts Payable system receive employee updates from the Human Resources system?
A. Updates occur on a nightly basis. Updates include new employees, name and address changes as well as bank account changes.
Q. Does the direct deposit of payment affect all business units (University, OSURF and Medical Center)?
A. All employee payments, including travel reimbursements will be distributed as direct deposit.
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Q. Is there any difference in the direct deposit process if the expenses for a travel reimbursement are being shared across business units?
A. No, there is no relationship between direct deposit and the chartfield used to expense the reimbursement.
Q. Do students who are employed have payments distributed as a direct deposit?
A. Yes, hourly and monthly paid students who are active in the Human Resources system are established as vendors in the Accounts Payable system. If the employed student receives their pay as a direct deposit then their payment will also be processed as a direct deposit and will receive the email notification. Students who receive a paper check for their pay will receive a check mailed to their home address.
Q. If I process a payment for a student who is employed in a different department, will the payment be submitted as a direct deposit?
A. Yes, as long as the student is active in the Human Resources system and receives their pay as a direct deposit, then their payment will also be distributed as a direct deposit.
Q. I have a payment for an employee who terminated or retired. Will their payment be distributed as a direct deposit?
A. Terminated and retired employees will remain active in the vendor file in the Financial system for up to 95 days from the effective date of their termination/retirement. If the employee had been on direct deposit for their pay, then yes, their payment will be distributed as a direct deposit.
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Q. I'm trying to create a Req/PO and the vendor is inactive. The vendor is an ex-employee. What do I need to do?
A. This individual is now a non-employee vendor and a new vendor record should be created for them. The employee vendor should not be used. Follow the vendor maintenance procedures detailed on the Purchasing web site,, to add the new vendor.
Q. I have indicated "Hold for Pick-up" on the reimbursement request in the Travel system. How will this impact the employee who has direct deposit?
A. The "Hold for Pick-up" designation will not be effective for employees who have direct deposit. The same is true for the "Mail" designation.
Q. I have employees who regularly travel and receive a cash advance. Is this issued as a paper check or direct deposit?
A. If the employee has direct deposit of their pay, then the cash advance will also be issued as a direct deposit. Employees who receive a paper check for pay purposes will also receive a paper check for reimbursements, including any cash advance.
Q. Can a non-employee have payments deposited directly into their bank account?
A. Yes, non-employees who will receive on-going payments can be set up to receive electronic payments. Contact the Accounts Payable office at 292-6831 to obtain the appropriate form. This is not available for one-time or infrequent payments.
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Q. Do payments issued through Accounts Payable appear on the Check/Direct Deposit (pay364os) report?
A. No, employee payments issued through the Accounts Payable system are not related to payroll expenses. The Check/Direct Deposit report lists only payroll expenses.
Q. Is there a report that will list these payments?
A. Yes, on the Paid Voucher Report (APU111OS). This report can be generated through the eReports Portal.