Instructions for Running a Report of Your Department's Full List of Assets  [PDF]  [HTML]

Instructions for Retiring a Non Capitalized Asset  [PDF]  [HTML]

Instructions for Updating Asset Information Online  [PDF]  [HTML]

Instructions for Completing the Annual Self Audit  [PDF]   [HTML]


Asset Management - Policy #4.21

Self-Audit Outstanding Status List

Selecting one of these links will direct you to the Office of the Controller's list of forms. Be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

UNIV Application for Asset Retirement Form (AM0001)

UNIV Additional Item Form (AM0002)

UNIV Equipment Ownership Transfer Form (AM0003)

Agreement For Assignment of University Equipment (AM0004)
(UNIV Permission to Use Equipment Off-Campus Form)

UNIV Permanent Transfer/Sale of OSU Property Form (AM0005)

Asset Management

Staff and Contacts

2070 Blankenship Hall
901 Woody Hayes Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43210-4016
Phone (614) 292-6048
Fax (614) 292-1121

DeeAnn Willis-Berry
Manager, Asset Management
(614) 688-4788
willis-berry.1 @

  • Asset Management policies and procedures
  • Financials system trainer

Ebonique Turner
Fiscal Officer
(614) 292-0564
turner.1398 @

  • Organizes and administer the lifecycle of capital movable equipment

Mission Statement

The Office of Asset Management is responsible for establishing and maintaining records of capital movable equipment in the Asset Management system, tagging, and performing audits. We care for the university’s assets by observing federal, state, and university regulations and policies.