Staff and Contacts

2020 Blankenship Hall
901 Woody Hayes Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43210-4016
Fax (614) 688-3572
8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday

Tax Accounting
Phillip Kelley
Tax Accountant
(614) 292-0355
Kelley.841 @

  • Tax Compliance
  • Inquiries on tax issues for the university
  • Questions on tax compliance issues

PeopleSoft Help Desk
Rob Hupp
Financial Systems & Business Analyst
(614) 688-4519
hupp.1 @

  • Inquiries on GL issues
  • Questions on interest, overhead, cost-of-sale and benefits
  • Questions on organizational mapping files

Financial Reporting
Tricia Privette
Financial Reporting Analyst
(614) 688-3728
privette.3 @

  • Inquiries on A-133 compliance (federal money)
  • Inquiries on Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program receivables
  • Questions on accounts receivable aging

Cash Accounting
Wei Qu
Senior Accountant
(614) 688-4134
qu.31 @

  • Inquiries on deposits
  • Questions on cash reconciliations

Fixed Assets & Cost Allocations
Mary Wehner
Senior Cost Analyst
(614) 688-3218
wehner.20 @

  • Questions on 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Guidance
  • Questions on indirect cost allocations and capital assets
  • Questions on building and equipment depreciation

Erica Armstrong
Senior Accountant
(614) 292-6856
armstrong.694 @

  • Questions on GASB pledge accounting

Senior Leadership
Tom Ewing
Associate Controller
(614) 688-3113
ewing.6 @

  • Inquiries on accounting policies and procedures
  • Questions on annual financial statements
  • Questions on external audits

John Lister
Accounting Manager
(614) 247-1541
lister.5 @

  • Inquiries on internal control and sub-certification issues
  • Questions on university affiliates
  • Questions on consolidated financial statements
  • Questions on yearend external audits

Mission Statement

Division of Accounting ensures that university procedures adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); maintains the PeopleSoft General Ledger and the ChartField; participates in training university staff in use of the PeopleSoft General Ledger; issues monthly General Ledger reports to all university colleges and departments; responds to inquiries about transactions appearing on (or missing from) General Ledger reports; coordinates university compliance activities; and produces the University's annual financial report.